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Mothering without anxiety

Anxiety is a thief. It robs your moments, your peace of mind, it robs you of a part of yourself. For me, the biggest thing anxiety robbed me of was an ability to "drop in" to whatever it is I'm doing. When my anxiety wasn't managed, I was unable to simply be in "the moment"; instead,… Continue reading Mothering without anxiety

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Why I Quit Social Media

I've often rolled my eyes at people who go on social media to tell people that are currently on social media that they're going off social media. Like WE GET IT BECKY, you're too good for Instagram. The irony annoyed me. Since leaving Instagram though, I've wondered if my judgement towards people who ditch social media was my… Continue reading Why I Quit Social Media


“This is why people get divorced”

When my husband and I were engaged, the pastor who married us did 2 very smart things. First, he asked us, "What is the most important thing in a happy, healthy relationship?" And secondly, he had us take an online assessment of sorts that would show us any problem areas in our relationship. We answered… Continue reading “This is why people get divorced”


SELF ACCEPTANCE IS: 5 principles that have shaped my journey to love myself fully

I began my self acceptance journey in earnest after my first child was born. I had done a lot of reading during my pregnancy, about healing childhood trauma so we can parent from a place of wholeness, and it opened up a lot of things for me. Parts of my story that I thought I… Continue reading SELF ACCEPTANCE IS: 5 principles that have shaped my journey to love myself fully

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Self Compassion: The cure for Perfectionism

What is your first reaction when you're having a bad day? What is your internal dialogue like when you screw something up badly and you can't blame anyone else? What words pop into your mind or out of your mouth when you come back to the same old struggles again and again, when you thought… Continue reading Self Compassion: The cure for Perfectionism


When Things Go Wrong: Taming Your Inner Critic

We all know the disappointment of making plans, having our hopes up, and then things go totally and utterly wrong. It can be something small, like a birthday hoopla or a dinner party you've looked forward to hosting, to something bigger like your own wedding or a child's graduation. No matter what it is, when… Continue reading When Things Go Wrong: Taming Your Inner Critic