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Watershed – Part 1: A global experience, experienced alone.

Good morning friend. How are you feeling today? Let's take big breath together. Let's be here, right now, together. Depending on where you are in North America as you read this, you're likely in week two or week three of social distancing and isolation. It's a strange and surreal thing to be collectively experiencing something like this,… Continue reading Watershed – Part 1: A global experience, experienced alone.

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Grace for the journey.

I haven't blogged from a personal space in awhile; for some reason I just haven't been writing about what's going on in my heart and what I'm learning. Going back to school has me writing in a different style and focus, and I've really enjoyed that. But writing straight from the heart, and bringing others… Continue reading Grace for the journey.

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Losing my faith

Beloved reader, I really didn't think I would post this piece publicly  Doubt is a terrifying thing, and dismantling your faith (and/or worldview) can feel like you're losing your mind. I wasn't sure I wanted to do that "publicly". But in working through some of these struggles with friends and loved ones, I've become braver in sharing about doubt,… Continue reading Losing my faith

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Self Compassion: The cure for Perfectionism

What is your first reaction when you're having a bad day? What is your internal dialogue like when you screw something up badly and you can't blame anyone else? What words pop into your mind or out of your mouth when you come back to the same old struggles again and again, when you thought… Continue reading Self Compassion: The cure for Perfectionism