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An honest conversation about mothering, with Maddy Moon

I recently spoke with the beautiful and brilliant Maddy Moon on her podcast, Mind Body Musings, and wanted to share that episode with you here. Maddy’s podcast has been a part of my life for almost 3 years, and her insight has shaped me in many ways. Her podcast has a lot of variety in speakers, and although not a mother to any children herself, she has a maternal spirit that she brings into her podcasting and coaching.

Maddy and I spoke about the topic of mom guilt, and more specifically about my struggle with anger in motherhood and the childhood wounds that have come up through that. Whether or not you’re a parent, we all have pain from our childhood that needs attention and nurturing. If you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear me share some very vulnerable things from my childhood, as well as very difficult moments in motherhood that caused me deep shame. I share honestly and openly in the hope that someone listening will realize they’re not alone, and that good mothers do get angry. I would know – I’m a great mom, and I still struggle with anger. And if you do too, you’re not alone.

To read the original blog post I wrote for Maddy which inspired this conversation her podcast, click here.

And thank you again, Madeline, for having me on the show! I loved every moment of it.

Brittany Joy

P.S. I love you mom.


Life is busy with these coffee loving kiddos! 

2 thoughts on “An honest conversation about mothering, with Maddy Moon”

  1. I LOVED the podcast! Thanks for being so willing to share.
    Also, I can’t believe how much your kids have grown!
    P.S. If you had your own podcast I’d definitely listen to it!


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