My favorite things in 2018

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens….

Sorry, I had to. Such a good song! Is it stuck in your head now??

Doorbells and sleigh bells and something with mittens….

Anyway, these are a few of my favorite things!

Movies and shows:

  • Parks and Recreation: I loved everything about this show, except the Finale. It was too…laid out? I want to know that all my favorite characters life happily every after, but I also want some mystery too. But, I can’ say anything negative about anything Amy Poehler does because I love her, forever and ever. A huge favorite of my husbands as well.
  •  Parenthood: I know I’m probably the last person on earth to watch this show, but I’m in love. The Bravermans are one part everything that we want to have in our own families, and one part the unrealistic ideal for what a family should look like in order to offer love and acceptance. And I love it. I am Amber / Julia and I have a huge crush on Mr. Cyr. (My husband loves this show, which I was really surprised by!)
  • Making It: I love Amy and I love Nick and this is the greatest reality / competition show that has every been made. My husband and I LOVED IT.
  • Last Man on Earth: The most hilarious, nonsensical and quotable show ever. A major LOL show for both me and my husband, but such a bummer that it’s not being continued!
  • I Feel Pretty: This movie is so different then all of Amy Schumer’s other work, but it is truly incredible. It’s funny, it’s poignant, it’s feminist, and it will make you cry. I will watch this movie many, many times.
  • Harry Potter: I had seen all the movies before, but this year I read the books and rewatched the movies! I will always love Harry Potter, and I like to rewatch the movies in December or January to get through the winter. Such an amazing series!
  • Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia: Trevor Noah is an incredibly smart comic. His show, The Daily Show, is a great way to stay informed on daily political issues, and also laugh like crazy. His Netflix originals are always pure gold, and this one is his best yet.
  • Final Table: Cooking shows are my binge watch shows of choice because I don’t have to be paying super close attention so I can cross stitch or write while they’re on. I watched this series so quickly, I couldn’t get enough. I love learning about cooking while also learning about different cultures, and this show also has a very entertaining host and new critics each week.


  • Everybody Always (Bob Goff): One of the most encouraging books on being a true disciple of Jesus and the least religious, legalistic book on how to actually love people
  • Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling): OBSESSED. This series was SOOOOOO much better then I could’ve expected. I will read it again and again; loved it EVEN more then the movies.
  • Vox by Christian Dalcher: This book was really hard for me to read, because I really hated that I identified so much with the antagonist! I read it with a friend so we could discuss how uncomfortable the plot was and what it brought up for us about conservative Christians. It would be a great book club book!
  • The Ragamuffin Gospel (Brennan Manning): My therapist recommended this one and to say it deeply healed me would be an understatement. At a time where I felt alone and confused by the Church , Brennan Manning’s book gave me a warm hug and told me it would be ok. A truly beautiful and challenging book on what it means to be Beloved by God, and letting go of the need to be perfect before we can be loved.
  • Braving the Wilderness (Brene Brown): I feel like loving Brene Brown’s work at this point is cliche, but seriously everything she writes is GOLD. I loved this book, as much as I’ve loved all her books! This one though, spoke to me so much in a season where I felt very much in a wilderness. I don’t own many books, but all of hers are worthy buying to me.


  • Sleeping at Last: Atlas: This album is for all Enneagram nerds. The artist wrote a song for each Enneagram number (1-9) and then wrote each song from the perspective of the Enneagram number, using only artists that were that number! I listen to the 2 song when I need a good cry. It’s like listening to a love song from you, to you.
  • Cory Asbury: A friend sent me the link to this album when I was going through a dark time and it continues to be a healing balm on hard days.
  • Lauren Daigle: Every song is just. so. beautiful.
  • You can check out more of my favorite music here!

People/Podcasts/Social Media

  • Jameela Jamil: I’ve loved her since seeing The Good Place, but hearing her story on how she stumbled into fame and how she’s recovered from disordered eating to become a huge body image advocate, I feel even more in love! She’s my queen. (Check out the movement she started on Instragam called iweigh, and her podcast episode with Jen Hatmaker here)
  • Dax Shephard: I am so hooked on Armchair Expert! Follow this link for my favorite episode with his lovely wife Kristen Bell. Some episodes are rated R IMO *but* I really love Dax’s way of thinking and his insights (especially when it comes to addiction and alcoholism). Just SO entertaining.
  • Mothers and Body Image: this Balance365 podcast episode with Hillary McBride is a must listen to for all mothers and women everywhere. You will cry, but it’s worth it.
  • Maddy Moon: being triggered
  • More Outside Motherhood


  • Ennegram: Sorry I can’t stop talking about the Enneagram, BUT I CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT THE ENNEAGRAM. This is more then a personality test, it’s a tool for deeper self discovery, healing, and healthier relationships.
  • Prairie Fairy Designs: LOVE this jewelry! So simple, so earthy, so elegant.
  • Fairari toddler schedule printable : I printed off this Etsy chart for my toddler, and I think I love it even more then she does! We made ours into magnets and use a Melissa and Doug magnetic chalkboard to map out our days. It’s sooooo cute, and practical for my threenager who needs to have a sense of control in our day to day activities (re: when do I get to watch a show mom?). I would definitely recommend this to moms with little ones!

Those are a few of my favorite things from 2018! What were some of your favorite things this year?


2 thoughts on “My favorite things in 2018”

  1. It’s “warm woollen mittens”… sorry I just HAD to lol 😁

    And my music list is pretty close to yours, I literally cry for hours listening to Corey Asbury and Lauren Daigle!
    My favourite things: Reading good books…my favourite this year: “Holes” (like literally the perfect book!) running, eating butter (ok, obviously not plain, but I will literally find things to buy based on how good it tastes with butter) my current favourite is grilled cinnamon buns with butter! I like watching Facebook ads of women curling their gorgeous hair LOL! It’s always so long and healthy and beautiful!! And I have no clue on how to do hair so I find great satisfaction in seeing others complete the task. I like laughing with my kids until my sides hurt, teasing my middle boy because he has the best sense of humour, escape rooms and summer💗

    It’s amazing how just writing out this list filled me with JOY! Thanks Brittany!


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