Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now

I love podcasts!

l;.My husband got me hooked onto them about 2 years ago, during my pregnancy, and I’ve b ben listening to them pretty much daily every since! When I was pregnant, it was so nice to hear other moms talk about their pregnancies, deliveries, and lives with newborns. Then after having Jessa, I started listening to podcasts for moms, for encouragement, or family specific podcasts. Lately, I’m really into wellness podcasts, and basically anything about self-improvement! The podcasts below are the top 6 I am listening to now.

If you’ve never checked out a podcast, they’re basically like radio interviews, but free, and more entertaining! I actually prefer podcasts to tv or music when I’m cooking, cleaning, driving, or exercising. It’s just so fun to learn (or just have a laugh or listen to someone’s story) and all for free! You can find podcasts on ANY topic and in many styles. (TJ listens to a lot off hunting and fitness podcasts, some of my friends listen to fictional storytelling podcasts, and I prefer the topical interview style podcast.)

The variety of podcasts available is A M A Z I N G.

So here are my current favorites! You can find each of these women online by clicking their names, and you can find their podcasts by clicking on the name of their podcast!

Christy Harrison’s Food Psych : this is current my favorite podcast, I listen to it every day while I clean up supper! Christy is a anti-diet dietician, and a huge voice in the body positivity movement. She interviews women about their relationship with food, disordered eating, and their journey to loving their bodies. Her podcast and work with Health At Every Size and intuitive eating is literally changing my life. *

Emily Thomas’s Mom Struggling Well: This is my favorite podcast for days I’m feeling rundown as a mom! Emily is a super funny and blunt mom (and nurse) who interviews other moms about how they ‘struggle well’ as moms / business owners / wives / friends. She has a unique story of her own, and I love her perspective on motherhood, faith, and life in general! Emily’s podcast is by far the most relatable one I listen to.

Lauren Frontiera’s Grit And Glitter: Lauren is such a hoot! Her podcasts is fairly new, but I really love it! I found her through Instagram, and she’s interviewed some of my all time favorite Instagram women! She talks to other inspiring women about their journeys, how they chase their dreams, and is a truly authentic voice online.

Jen Riday’s Vibrant Happy Women: Jen’s podcast is all things wellness. I love the variety of women she interviews, and the content she puts out as well, as a happiness coach to women. From organizational professionals to spiritual gurus, Jen interviews them all! No matter the topic, I find Jen’s podcast very down to earth, as well as inspiring.

Alison Faulkner’s Awesome With Alison: Alison is the queen of fun. Seriously. If you follow her online you know she’s a super successful entrepreneur and brand creator. She basically has fun for a living, and gets paid to do it! She launched a podcast this week, and because I’ve been following her online for a few years, I had to check it out! And it didn’t disappoint. Her podcast has a similar vibe to her Instagram account, but it’s more practical (granted I’ve only heard one episode)! I really love that her co-host is her husband, and that she makes no apologies for being a super fun, out loud, vibrant woman.

Maddy Moon Mind Body Musings: besides her clearly awesome name, Maddy Moon has a lot to offer on her podcast. I found her through the body positive community, but her podcast is more generally wellness, self-worth, and body image then it is specifically health focused. I love that Maddy is around my age, and I really enjoy her voice – haha! If I can’t get into a podcasters voice, I really struggle to stay tuned in!

I hope some of you check out these fantastic podcast! I love how much I can learn from podcasts, and for free. If you have any recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments! And let me know which of these podcasts you try out and what you think!


*her podcast is listed as explicit but the cursing is few and far between

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