Trend Alert

You don’t have to spend much time with me (in person or on social media) to realize that I am very much a jump-on-the-band-wagon type person. I am naturally optimistic, think things are cool and will work out, and love change and trying new things. This makes me especially susceptible to thinks like trends, fads, and cults (which I’ve never been in, except that one time…JK).

I would like to say that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed some wisdom and discernment in this area, but I don’t think I’m qualified to be the judge of that. I think maybe when I was younger I would’ve felt embarrassed about being trendy/hipster/vogue, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that I love labels and organization, which is probably why I love trend hopping!

Here, in no particular order, are some of the trends I have unashamedly tried and mostly loved:

Capsule Closet/Project 333: I did a capsule closet for the first time in 2014, and I LOVED it. I find excess and clutter very stressful (Type A problems) so eliminating extra clothes that don’t fit, are in bad shape, or that I truly just don’t like was very liberating! This is one that you really have to commit to for a season or as a life style, because it takes a conscience choice to maintain your capsules and not buy any more then what you truly need. See my first fall/winter capsule outfits on my Instagram. (So hard to maintain this in the baby season of life, when you’re wearing 20 different sizes of clothes!)

Clean Eating: I’m not sure this really qualifies as a fad anymore, because compared to the rest of food culture it’s pretty tame (basically you cut out refined and processed foods), but I’m counting clean eating in my fads because when I started eating clean, it wasn’t really a thing yet, or at least no one I knew was doing it. We (my husband and I) jumped on the band wagon in a big way and got a lot of “why would you do that” and “what is that” and “that’s weird” type comments – and lost 50 pounds between the two of us! More then that though, we experienced some amazing health benefits (TJ’s insomnia and chronic pain got immensely better, as well as both of our heartburn). We love clean eating. I like this food fad the most, because it makes sense, and it’s balanced. Anything that’s too extreme or cuts out entire food groups kind of makes me feel like I’m in a small dark room – panic!

Yoga: no longer a fad it seems, yoga is here to stay! I think a lot of people get into yoga because it’s trendy/sexy/cool, but then continue practicing because it’s actually life changing. Yoga makes me feel strong and confident, and is excellent for anxiety. I started out doing these videos and I would highly recommend them! (Also, the Yoga Studio app is totally worth the cost, I use this for at home yoga the most!)

Meditation: The sister to yoga, meditation and mindfulness are total buzz words right now, and rightfully so. I love meditation, and though I don’t practice as much as I’d like to, when I do I notice huge improvement in my anxiety and over all calmness. Mostly, meditation taught me to turn inward and decide how I wanted to respond to something, instead of just having a knee jerk response. It also really helps me feel grounded and present. If you want to try it, I would recommend this podcast.

Mom blogging: like, everyone and their mom blogs now, including me (but not my mom).

Hypnobirthing / Baby Led Weaning / Baby Sign Language: basically, if you haven’t heard of it or it’s pretentious, I’m doing it 😉 Ha! I actually really love researching different birth / pregnancy / parenting styles and find a lot of fulfillment in finding things that work for my specific family. Hypnobirthing has the fear-free approach to child birth that I needed, and I’ll for sure use those techniques and meditations for my next births. Baby Led Weaning (really baby led feeding) just fits so nicely into the food culture my family has (every family has a food culture!) so it just made sense to me, and my kiddo loves it. Baby sign language was introduced to me as a nanny, and it basically kept me from loosing my mind (having a child grunt and point all day long is hella annoying!), so I knew I would try to use it with JJ (so far all she knows is the sign for milk haha). We also eat kale, cloth diaper, and use only the best, most natural soothers, so feel free to hate me/mock me 😉

Trends I Want To Try: Whole30 is basically the only one I’m on the fence about right now, mostly because I know it will be so hard! I like the Whole30 diet because it’s basically the clean eating diet, but more strict, and only for a short period of time, like a detox or cleanse. I think this would be a good transition sort of diet to try, post or pre baby, to cut out those foods I know aren’t good for me but that I L O V E. I also love that their is the entire community of people built around this eating life style, even if they are a bit intense.

Fads I will never indulge: quick weight loss type programs (sorry!), Paleo / Gluten Free / Vegan / Raw Til 4 (k this is real and hilarious to me) or basically any diet that cuts out an entire food group. Oh, and the selfie stick. If you can’t take a killer selfie without a stick, someone needs to take your smart phone and millennial status away.

Things that are just too on brand about me , but that I’m fine with: my glasses, my hair cut, my tattoos, my tattoo placements, my name, my entire house and decor, my favorite color, my hobbies (including but not limited to drinking coffee at coffee shops, reading best sellers, Project Life-ing, and reading blogs), my bearded plaid-wearing husband, and my birkenstocks. SO yeah.

And just for fun, here’s an article about what will replace The Hipster.


p.s. I was a hipster before hipsters were hipsters…


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