Living Authentically

I listened to a podcast yesterday about self love and authenticity  and it BLEW MY MIND. Those two concepts are not new me, but Carrie’s words came at the perfect time. Hearing the truth about accepting ourselves and being authentic really illuminated some things for me, at the perfect time. (I also learnt that I love and must read all of Brene Brown’s books ASAP.)

I had been hhmmming and hawwwing for awhile about starting a blog, and hearing Carrie’s thoughts on being vulnerable really created a safe space for me to explore that more.

Whats the big deal, you say? A blog isn’t that risky. Well, true, but these were some of the fears in my mind.

  1. Blogging is another way to put myself ‘out there’ and there is always risk with that. People might not like you, and that’s scary.
  2. Did I really want to spend my time maintaining and writing a blog? I feel so busy and scattered already.
  3. Did I want to be that honest and that open with strangers??

But this truth bomb from the podcastt really shattered those fears:

“Self love is one of the most critical pieces of being human, because with self love comes self forgiveness and self acceptance and it’s only when we can give those gifts to ourselves that we can extend that same kindness to others. If I’m judging myself, I’m going to judge others. If I can’t forgive myself, I can’t forgive others.”

** mind explodes **

So I decided not to be afraid. I decided to give myself a voice. I decided that my creativity and expression is valuable. And that’s good news for YOU! Not because my writing is going to change your life (maybe it will), but because me giving myself love and grace and the freedom to like myself GIVES YOU THAT FREEDOM TOO.

I have found this to be so true in the last year of really striving to live authentic. People like me better when I like me. I can love people better when I’m really and truly ok with who I am. And being around people who are genuinely ok with themselves is so refreshing. Of course, it’s a journey; some days I do things I don’t like (that’s called being human) and somedays I simply don’t like myself. But I let myself be truly honest even on those days, and that brings so much healing to the parts of me I don’t quite like yet.

I’ll leave you with these beautiful quotes from Brene Brown on vulnerability:


Welcome here friends,


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